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Color Frequency Wavelength
violet 668 - 789 THz 380-450nm
blue 631 - 668 THz 450-475nm
cyan 606 - 630 THz 476-495nm
green 526 - 606 THz 495-570nm
yellow 508 - 526 THz 570-590nm
orange 484 - 508 THz 590-620nm
red 400 - 484 THz 620-750nm

Which color is the strong laser light from the laser pen, green, red, blue or yellow? It is not only to look at the power of the laser pointer and the reflectivity of the surface but also the sensitivity of the human eye to color. Because the eye is most sensitive to green laser with wavelength of 495-570nm. The sensitivity to red or blue laser wavelengths is reduced, so the green laser appears brighter at the same power. The most common is green laser light with a wavelength of 532nm, which can be clearly seen at night even at low power laser. 5mW laser is the safest to use and can be seen in darker environments. It is best to wear safety laser glasses, but also to avoid laser direct to the skin.



Date Added: 22/12/2020
by H***y
This laser pointer has a hard shell and powerful power, I think I will repurchase another one to try.
Date Added: 21/12/2020
by M***e
I bought it as a gift to my professor and he was very satisfied. This laser pointer USB receiver is plug-and-play, and very lightweight, and can be used without installing software. Great!